Students who sign the charter with a scream are invited to join the LLSD programme.

anarcho akbarThe Clagsborough College Student Charter asserts that:

  • Solar-powered centipede trams trundle through town;
  • Zero-carbon whalebacks slap past each other on the confluence;
  • Clockwork dirigibles flit clanguorously over the ghyll.
We weave these wonders into a single project by:
  • beginning with the understanding that human consciousness is something we do and human activity is both embodied and intersubjective;

  • critically analysing language, including narrative, as an understructure for building woke reading skills and advanced writing skills, is essential to facilitate political agency and that such critical analytical skills are best developed through Literaturwissenschaft;

  • understanding how the modern world is built upon and continues to be politically and imaginatively shaped by imperialism, starting with European colonialism, and the liberation of individuals and societies is impossible without first decolonising the mind;

  • embracing a commitment to active learning and critical analysis in all its forms (including learning by experience) where such learning takes into account how knowledge is shaped by power, be it academic, judicial, religious, scientific or political knowledge;

  • rejecting exclusivist definitions and descriptions of the human and of social categories such as race and gender in favour of a critical engagement with lived realities, whilst expressing solidarity with all those who find themselves marginalised or oppressed;

  • acknowledging and acting upon the understanding that anthropogenic climate change poses an imminent existential threat to Homo sapiens, but that such a threat can only be defeated by a radical and rapid grassroots restructuring of all of human societies;

  • believing communities and societies governed by non-violent socialist principles and democratic participatory decision making are likely to prove the most effective and compassionate means of establishing and maintaining a just and peaceful world;

  • recognizing that social inequality is multidimensional, such that Islamophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, and neurelitist prejudices are discursive, performative, structural, and historical, as well as being mutually co-constitutive;

  • engaging in non-violent direct action, such as strikes, marches, community education, lobbying, blogging, civil disobedience, boycotts and culture jamming, to defend individuals and communities from social, political, economic, and environmental injustice;

  • affirming creativity, including creative writing (including poetry, prose, and drama), as something that is of value in itself and a vital tool for effecting both personal and political change, whilst pursuing the principles outlined herein.

In affirming our alignment with the charter, we strive to stop or put an end to:
  • climate catastrophe;anarcho akbar
  • discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation;
  • economic injustice, particularly obscene divisions of wealth;
  • fascism, totalitarianism, and martial violence;
  • gender injustice and the abuse of reproductive rights;
  • hunger, preventable disease, and homelessness;
  • local and global environmental degradation;
  • neoliberalism and imperialism;
  • prejudices associated with age, class, and ability, including neurelitism;
  • racism including antisemitism and Islamophobic racism.

  Julian Yaqub 2019   

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