The Religious Studies Bookshelf


  • McCutcheon, R. (2014) Studying Religion: An Introduction (Routledge)


  • Arnal, W. & Mccutcheon, R. T. (2012) The Sacred Is the Profane: The Political Nature Of "Religion" (Oxford University Press)
  • Asad, T. (1993) Genealogies of Religion: Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Islam (Johns Hopkins University Press)
  • Barker, L. and Warburg, M. [Eds.] (1998) New Religions and New Religiosity (Aarhus University Press)
  • Beckford, J. (2003) Social Theory and Religion (Cambridge University Press)
  • Beit-Hallahmi, B. and Argyle, M. (1996) The Social Psychology of Religion (Routledge)
  • Castelli, E. & Rodman, R. [Eds.] (2001) Women, Gender, Religion: A Reader (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Davie, G. (2007) The Sociology of Religion: New Edition (Sage)
  • Davies, B. (2003) An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion: 3rd Edition (Oxford University Press)
  • Fitzgerald, T. (2000) The Ideology of Religious Studies (Oxford University Press)
  • Fitzgerald, T. [Ed.] (2007) Religion and the Secular: Historical and Colonial Formations (Equinox)
  • James, W. (1902/1983) The Varieties of Religious Experience (Penguin)
  • Jung, C. (1938/1970) Psychology and Religion: West and East (Routledge)
  • Loewenthal, K. L. (2000) The Psychology of Religion: A Short Introduction (One World)
  • Masuzawa, T. (2005) The Invention of World Religions (The University of Chicago Press)
  • McCutcheon, R. T. (1997) Manufacturing Religion: The Discourse of Sui Generis Religion and the Politics of Nostalgia (Oxford University Press)
  • Otto, R. (1917/1968) The Idea of the Holy (Oxford University Press)
  • Park, C. (1994) Sacred Worlds: An Introduction to Geography and Religion (Routledge)
  • K. C. Patton & B. C. Ray [Eds.] (2014) A Magic Still Dwells: Comparative Religion in the Postmodern Age (University of California Press
  • Taylor, Mark C. [Ed.] (1998) Critical Terms for Religious Studies (Chicago University Press)
  • Weber, M. (1920/1993) Sociology of Religion (Beacon Press)
  • Woodhead, L. et al [Eds.] (2009) Religions in the Modern World: Traditions and Transformations: Second Edition (Routledge)
  • Woodhead, L. & Catto, R. (2012) Religion and Change in Modern Britain (Routledge)

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