1. Start with wonder, not piety or love. Proceed from there to selflessness.

  2. Money, status, and all other worldly trappings are illusions. Donít be fooled. Loving kindness is the only treasure in this life.

  3. Donít use God as an excuse for acting like a heartless scumbag.

  4. Chill out once a week. Itís good for the soul.

  5. Be kind to your family, and if you canít, stay out of their hair.

  6. Donít kill anyone. Ever. For any reason. And stop killing sentient animals, too.

  7. In matters of sexual love, always treat your partners with respect. And yourself.

  8. Be ethical in all your dealings. Anything else is the beginning of the end.

  9. Little white lies are fine. Abraham lied thrice for the greater good. But from there on in, the smell of bad shit gets stronger.

  10. Envy only those who live a life of honest kindness, good humour, and who love learning Ė and then try your best to live that way yourself.